When my sister in law Tiffany told me that her sister Mary was coming to town for Thanksgiving with the family, I knew we had to squeeze in a quick session!!  Mary’s family lives in Texas and I know it breaks Tiff’s heart to have them so far away.  They are a super sweet bunch and I was so glad we could make this happen with crazy schedules and the upcoming holiday.  I met up with Tiffany and Adam, Mary’s bunch, and even their dad at Sleepy Hole Park and even though it was FREEZING, we had perfect fall light!!  I love how the sun shines through the trees and makes everything golden and warm.

Aubrey and Connor are growing up SO FAST!!  They were so little the last time I saw them!!  Babies!!  Connor is such a sweet boy and brought his great smiles and was the perfect model for me.  When he wasn’t getting pictures, you could find him climbing a tree!  All boy!!  Aubrey is such a sweetie and that little face looks like a doll!  She’s so quiet and sweet and then busts out in the cutest giggles!  That girl only has eyes for Uncle Adam!!  I love it!!

Happy Thanksgiving, Sechrist Family!!  I’m so thankful to you for sharing Tiffany with our family.  She’s a joy and a blessing to everyone she meets and I’m proud to call her my SNL.   Mary and Travis, it was so great seeing you and your precious kiddos again!  I promise we’ll take good care of Tiff for you!!  I look forward to seeing you all again soon!!
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!!!


~ Maggie