Mary Paige and I have known each other since kindergarten so when she said they’d be in town this week and asked if I could get together for pictures, there was no question!  YES!!  OF COURSE!!  The last time they were here, Cam and Henry were able to have a little playdate at the playground so he was super jealous when I told him I got to hang out with his buddy without him!


Mary Paige and Nick are just the sweetest.  They’re such calm, attentive, down to earth parents (which is a big breath of fresh air these days!!) and their kiddos are just awesome.  Henry is a ball of sweet boy energy and has the best smiles!  And precious little Helen has the most beautiful face!  Those deep, soulful eyes and kissable cheeks!!  GAH!!!  And SOOOO many sweet big brother kisses for her!!  What a sweet guy!!


Thank you SOOOO much for hanging out with me, guys!!  It was so great seeing you!!

(Mary Paige is going to be helping us out with some super exciting things around here!!  Stay tuned and get excited, people!!)


~ Maggie