I had the best time with this sweet family last week!  The Hardwick family won a photo package at the Isle of Wight Education Foundation Auction so I was excited to meet them and squeeze in a session before the holidays.  Justin emailed me to arrange the details (major Dad Brownie Points) and I was delighted to meet his sweet wife and those adorable kiddos.

It was a crisp, breezy fall afternoon but these guys brought some super sweet snuggles to keep each other warm at Windsor Castle Park in Smithfield, VA.  Chase was killing it with that awesome smile and THAT HAIR.  What a little charmer!!  We were instant buddies.  And Pfifer and those dimples!!  So sweet!!  Daddy yells “Touchdown!!!” and those little hands go up.  You can tell someone is Daddy’s Little Girl.

Thank you so much, Justin and Laura, for such a fun afternoon!  I hope we can do it again sometime!!  You guys rock!!