I had the enormous honor of hanging out with the Nightingale crew last weekend to get some updated crew pictures.  Nightingale will be celebrating 35 years of service in 2017!

I still remember when my daddy first got hired a million years ago (yes 1988 was a million years ago) as a flight paramedic.  I had a blue and white Little People helicopter and we used it on the cake at his surprise party.  (At the time, the color scheme for Nightingale was blue and white!)  Even then I was proud as punch!  Now it’s most commonly referred to as Granddaddy’s Helicopter around here and we’re all still just as proud.  I can be just about anywhere and pick out the sound of the helicopter flying over.  James calls it my useless super power but we all know he’s secretly super impressed that I’m always right.  We’ve pulled over to watch them land or take off and we stand in the driveway (or by the pool on vacation) and wave like crazy people when they fly over.  It doesn’t matter how many times I watch it take off or land, it NEVER gets old.

Here’s to 35 years of being the calvary riding in on that big red bird.  35 years of showing up in the darkest moments of people’s lives and bring hope for a better outcome.  35 years of providing superior patient care when every moment counts.  35 years of serving our community.  35 years of saving minutes and saving lives.  Each of you has such a special role to play and we thank you for what you do for our community – from Hampton Roads to Northeastern North Carolina to the Eastern Shore and beyond.  God Bless each of you and may He keep you safe every time you leave the ground.  Here’s to another 35 (and more!)!!


The Paramedics


The Flight Nurses


The Pilots and Mechanics


The Dispatchers


This is Larry (he’s got another brother named Larry… high fives if  you get it!!)  🙂  But no really the squirrel’s name is Larry and he loves peanuts.


A few pictures from my quick little trip over the river!!  I knew they’d have to move the helicopter to the upper pad for photos and was already geeking out over that and then Jim asked me if I wanted to ride!!  I think my response went something like “Shut up are you serious yes of course I do and I hope I don’t throw up but first I’ve got to change my lens here take my picture.”  Or something like that… I mean I’ve only wanted to ride since I was five.  (But the good kind of ride, not the kind most folks get.)


No, this picture isn’t crooked.  I was.  (!!!)


There’s lots of new and exciting construction going on at SNGH!!  They’re adding multiple floors and two new rooftop helipads!!  PS that GIANT yellow crane is RIGHT beside the helipad.  Oh yes.


That’s my daddy by the fence (taking my picture!)


Thanks again, guys!!  You guys are so much fun and make me feel like family.  Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication.  Keep up the great work!!  Fly safe!!


And of course I had to slip this one in here… My daddy’s always gonna be my hero!!  🙂