I do love hanging out with the Gilmore family!!  They’re just the nicest bunch, even if these boys think I’m completely nuts!!

I met this sweet family through our dance recitals and we’ve gotten to know each other more over the years.  I can’t believe Nathan is a senior this year!  I was so happy when they signed up for our super mini sessions this past weekend.  And I may have given an extra little WHOO HOO!!! when he said he brought his guitar for his mini senior session!!

Thanks again, guys, for coming out!!  It means so much to me.  Your boys are so sweet.  You did good, mom and dad!!  I can’t wait to get YOU two in front of the camera next year!!!





Daniel is just as sweet and handsome as his big brother!!  I love it!!



These mini sessions were to raise money to support my aunt and uncle with some serious medical expenses as a result of my uncle losing his foot to diabetes.  If you’d like to support the family, please donate here!