Homeworks Video is a small, family business located in Suffolk, Virginia.  We started over 25 years ago providing video services for local businesses, schools, and wedding ceremonies.  In 2010, we added photography to our available services and have been honored to share some of life’s most special moments with families all across Hampton Roads.


I’m the lead photographer for Homeworks as well as the creative director for all video projects and the voice for all of our social media, marketing, and communications!  As a momma of three crazy kiddos and former preschool director, capturing the magic of childhood is my jam! I find my joy in telling the stories of the amazing families I get to meet.  It doesn’t matter if I’ve got a squishy little newborn or a high school senior getting ready to set out on the next adventure, I always know that’s somebody’s baby and I bring my mommy heart with me to every session.

Skip is the owner and founder of Homeworks.  He serves as our our lead camera operator, technical director, and primary post-production specialist.  His great attention to detail brings a level of excellence to each project and provides clients with a quality product to be enjoyed for years to come.

Susan is our business manager and keeps everything (and everyone!) running on track behind the scenes!  She’s our sounding board and the glue that holds us all together, never letting us lose sight of the mission.  She is the voice you’ll talk to on the phone and the face you’ll see at our sales table so stop by and say hi!

Michael is one of our primary camera operators and post production jack of all trades.  He’s our go-to guy during set-up for large productions and handles much of the work after a shoot, preparing projects for editing and delivery.  He’s also a Tetris master and only one qualified to load all of the equipment in and out of the truck!

James is our secondary camera operator and in house tech support.  He keeps our hardware and software running in tip top shape. James is also on top of researching new equipment and always on the lookout for new photo gear.  When he tags along on a photo shoot, he’s usually tasked with making all the funny faces to get the best smiles. Even the toughest nuts can’t help but crack a smile for him!