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How many cameras do you use?
Homeworks always shoots weddings with THREE digital Canon cameras. We want a
wide shot, a shot of the bride's face, and a shot of the groom's face, at all times... and
you should too! (You don't want to miss the look on your man's face when he first sees
you at the end of the aisle!)

Are all cameras manned, or do you use a "lockdown" camera?
We man ALL of our cameras, and never use lockdowns at weddings.

How will you capture the audio from our ceremony?
Our philosophy is, "If we can't hear the vows, then we missed the shot!"... and we NEVER want to miss getting the shot. Homeworks always puts a virtually invisible wireless mic on the groom, and usually a SECOND mic on the officiate too (if he/she doesn't object), so we are doubly sure we will be able to hear all the audio from your ceremony.

Will you record only our ceremony, if we decide that's what we want?
Homeworks is eager to shoot as much or as little of your wedding day as you desire.

Will you interfere with our still photographer's work?
We pride ourselves on our ability to interface cooperatively with your contract photographer,
in order to ensure we ALL stay out of each other's way.

Will you interfere with the ceremony in any way?
Homeworks' crews work hard at being invisible. While getting the shot(s) you want might require our equipment to be "visible," we always remain stationary and quiet in our shooting positions, and make every effort to be as unobtrusive as possible. We always observe any and all limitations presented to us by the officiate, and/or the officials of the church or other venue.

Why should I engage a "cinematographic" video company?
Some companies will make a “Hollywood-style” movie of your wedding day events. While these productions can be very beautiful and exciting to make, they are NOT low impact! Homeworks’ photojournalist style ensures we will record your wedding as it happens. We will not stage you, script you, or block you. We won’t make YOUR wedding fit into OUR vision of what your “wedding movie” should look like.

Isn't "high-def" superior to "DV" (digital video)?
Properly formatted, 16:9 DV looks TERRIFIC... DVD-quality, in fact... and most people have a hard time telling the difference. The question is, "Is the visible difference in quality, worth the significant difference in production time and cost?”



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